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E-shop or as it is written in Swedish ikop is an e-commerce website for the newest innovative products from around the world for Swedish customers.


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Online shopping is increasing with the passage of time because it has many advantages like time and money saving as well as it has become the most authentic way of online earning. According to researchers, 42% of total population want to shop online. Every type of products we can find online along with its free or cheapest delivery rate. Apart from, there are lots of such sites which provides prices comparison for different products and different re-sellers. These are really helpful to find the cheapest and good one of our choices. Some of them are provide cashback facility to our customers which is also a good thing. Online shopping has lots of advantages. Most of online stores are developed on Magento CMS or by using different Magento development company. Anyways, thanks for making the nice effort.

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Thanks edwardmuphy,

We prefer to use Drupal faor more solid projects. Drupal Commerce is the one we use for e-commerce platforms. There are a lot reasons for choosing Drupal which are available online to check out.

Please let us know if you need any help for setting up an e-commerce platform. You may use our Contact page for more detailed discussion.