Accessing dev website via Android emulator on Ubuntu 14.04 for DrupalGap

If you are developing on your localhost and you need to access your dev website in your Android app, there is a few steps to achieve this. A use case example is Cordova (Phonegap) based platform DrupalGap which connects to a Drupal website to fetch data.
First we need to define a port. Add this line to /etc/apache2/ports.conf:
listen 55555
Then we need to add the port to apache’s virtual host. Edit /etc/apache2/sites-available/ file and copy all <VirtualHost *:80> … </VirtualHost> section and paste it in the button of the file and change the first line to:
<VirtualHost *:55555>
Then we need to restart apache by executing this command in terminal:
sudo services apache2 restart
Now our dev website will be available on http://localhost:55555
For Android emulator we will need to use to access the website. So in DrupalGap application, in YourApp/www/app/settings.js set Drupal.settings.site_path to and the dev website will be available for DrupalGap.